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Hi, we are Robotics Team π, a robotics team founded in august 2016 by 7 enthusiastic and motivated Mechatronic students at the Fontys university of applied science in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. However, we officially got registered as a FIRST Robotics Competition team in September 2017. We, the founders known as Dennis Graus, Sebastiaan Henskens, Anita Karki, Willem Reuser, Niek Rovers, Ivan Spikmans en Niek Zoelen, have a passion for robotics and that’s the main reason we started such a complex project with our tutor Max Bogers. We’ve had a long and hard journey in the first year we started. Despite many ups and downs, we are proud of what we have achieved in 1 year. The experiences we’ve had where amazing and we’ve learned a lot of it. We actually developed a robot for the FIRST Robotics Competition SteamWorks of 2017, but we didn’t compete with the official match in America. The robot we developed is called Primus and if you click on it you can learn more about it. This is the robot where it all started and it is the first of many to come. Unfortunate 3 of our founders left Robotics Team π but with the other 4 founders we keep developing Robotics Team π. For coming season there are new members for the team. We will guide them throughout the new season. besides new members from the Fontys we also  started a collaboration with high school the Heerbeeck College in Best. A group of students from the high school will also join Robotics Team π. It is our mission to introduce robotics to the next generation in a learning and challenging way and give them an opportunity in technololgy and science3

Robotics Team π

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