Privacy Policy Stichting STEMec™

Personal data we process

Stichting STEMec™ processes your personal data since you make use of our services and/or since you provided them to us yourself. Below is an overview of the specific personal data we process:

Special and/or sensitive personal data we process

Stichting STEMec™ processes the following of your special and/or sensitive personal data:

With what purpose and based on what foundation we process personal data

Stichting STEMec™ processes your personal data for the following purposes:

For what period of time we preserve personal data

Stichting STEMec™ preserves your personal data no longer than strictly necessary to realize the goals for which we gather the data. We manage the following saving terms for the following personal data:

This data is saved until the regarding individual asks for removal or after a time-period of one year due to renewal of the membership.

Sharing of personal data with third parties

Stichting STEMec™ only shares your personal data with third parties when this is necessary to perform actions within agreements and to live up to possible legal obligations. With third parties that, for our inquiry, process your data, we proceed to an agreement to make sure there is a consequent level of security and confidentiality of your data. Stichting STEMec™ will remain responsible for this. Besides that, Stichting STEMec™ shares your personal data with other discolsed third parties. We will only share your personal data with your explicit permission. No data will be shard with partnes of Stichting STEMec™ without the approval of the individual the data concerns.

Looking into, changing or deleting data

You have the right to look into, change or delete your own personal data. Besides that you have the right to withdraw you possible permission for data processing, or to object against the processing of your personal data by Stichting STEMec™. You also have the right to data-transferability, which means you can send us a request to send the personal data we have of you, via a computer-file, to yourself or another organization. You can requeste insight, corrections, removal an data-transfers of your personal data, or a request for withdrawal of this data, or objections regarding the processing of your personal data to To make sure you sent the request yourself, we ask you ever so kindly to send a copy of your ID with it. In this copy, black our the machine readable zone, your document number and you social security number. Make sure to do this to protect you own privacy. We will respons as fast as possible, and within a month, to your request. Besides that, Stichting STEMec™ wants to point out to you that you have the possibility to file a complaint at the national supervisor, the Authority of Personal data. You can use the following link for this, but do mind it is in Dutch

How we protect the personal data

Stichting STEMec™ takes the protection of you data very seriously and takes measurements to counteract abuse, loss, uncertified access, undesireable publication and unautorized changes. If you are under the impression that your personal data is not secured, or if there are clues to any form of abuse, please contact

Footage and publication of which

During events hosted by Stichting STEMec™, footage of you can be generated and spread across our social media, website or other types of sources. if you are opposed to us spreading footage of you, or previously spread footage, please send an e-mail to and we will take down the footage within a reasonable term.